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Jenna Brehmer

A component of your mission is to employ disabled, widowed and marginalized women. Why is this important to you, and what impact have you seen from it personally? Do you have any stories to share about how working for A PEACE TREATY has had a positive effect on an employee's life?

Being a humanitarian is how I was raised. From a young age, the belief that “If you have the resource to do something, then do it” was ingrained in me...the different global humanitarian efforts for which I volunteered as a young teenager enabled me to build special worldwide connections that I still maintain, which has played a large part in enabling A Peace Treaty to source much of our unique production.

I wanted to do something that I loved while helping others: I love fashion, and the talents and handmade techniques indigenous to special parts of the world is what I was compelled to showcase and preserve. Eight years in, we’ll call some of the factories we helped start and they’re too busy to take our order; we love to hear this. Enabling artisans to revive their traditional crafts is a never-ending joy for us.  As well seeing the expression on the artisans faces when we show them how we present the final product is always priceless.

You worked with master craftspeople in ten countries (Pakistan, India, Nepal, Turkey, Afghanistan, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Bangladesh and The United States). Which country surprised you the most the first time you visited, and why? What has your wildest adventure been so far this year?

India was the most surprising the first time I visited -- while I was well-read about the country, nothing compares to actually going, of course. The abundance of handmade goods is jaw-dropping, and everything you see, touch, and smell is infused with such history and culture.

This year, I loved going to Bogota, Columbia in January with W Hotels and the CFDA {Fashion Incubator} . The country is so beautiful, from the old paint peeling on its amazing architecture, to the incredible seed beading indigenous to the culture, to the desk looms hand-build by artisans we worked with. A Peace Treaty's SS16 Collection is based on that special trip, and I like to think we did a good job celebrating these aesthetics and practices in our newest collection.

A number of celebrities have worn your jewelry - who was the first, and how was that moment you felt A PEACE TREATY was gaining traction?

Jennifer Lopez was our first celebrity! I can't tell you how much I love her. Certainly, however, A Peace Treaty was gaining traction well before J.Lo's support: our first collection (comprised entirely of scarves) sold out completely, and we were fielding calls from major international stores while we were still selling out of my apartment. So I'm happy to say that everything seemed to happen together, with both the product and story intertwined at its core.

Anything exciting in the works that you'd like to share with us?

I’m very excited about our Spring Summer 16 collection, which we’ll be showing in both New York and LA at the end of October. Our exploration into caftans has expanded into what I term ‘Caftan Dresses’ that are beautiful, off-the-shoulder, ground-sweeping statements. While A Peace Treaty has done caftans before, this new shape in handwoven silk that has a gorgeous hand and drape.

Dana, you mentioned in a previous interview that "no where and everywhere is home for me," as you hold 3 passports and a green card. How do your travels inspire your work?

Travel is part of my DNA. I call New York, Tel Aviv, Toronto, and Rome all ‘home’ to different degrees, so in a way perhaps I’m something of the cultured nomad for whom I also design. I think it's important to have your ‘go-to’ spots around the world; for example, I love The Adam and Sophie Gimbel library at Parsons School of Design in New York for research, The Library of Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris for inspiration; the Jaffa Flea Market in Tel Aviv for the hunt. 

I open up all senses when I travel, and as a result I think you see so many influences in my collections:  local flora and fauna; the curved shape found in a mosque; or the smell of a certain place are all infused in A Peace Treaty’s accessories.

If there is anything you feel our Covet users should know as virtual stylists, please share!

Accessories are meant to compliment your look, not swallow it. I always think one main statement piece with small supporting ones is the best way to go!