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Interview with Mary Alice Stephenson, Founder of GLAM4GOOD


Interview with Mary Alice Stephenson, Founder of GLAM4GOOD

Anna Keilo

As empowered fashionistas, we know style is more than just a closet full of clothes. Our engaged Coveters have created a positive and uplifting community, one that encourages our users to find their style that is within! So it only made sense that Covet Fashion partner with the fashion-oriented charity GLAM4GOOD Foundation to give three deserving women a makeover for the night of their dreams in NYC!

From injured veterans to those who have faced life-threatening illnesses, the GLAM4GOOD Foundation has partnered with numerous non-profits to bring the healing power of fashion to the world with celebrity stylist, spokesperson and GLAM4GOOD founder Mary Alice Stephenson at its helm.

We are so excited to give you the exclusive inside scoop on the #Covet4Good initiative and some styling tips with an interview from Mary Alice herself! 

Tell us a little bit about GLAM4GOOD and why you started it.

A few years back I asked myself if all the celebrities, magazine covers and ad campaigns I had styled had truly empowered women and girls. The answer was NO. So I found a way to use my passion for style to make a difference in people's lives. I created GLAM4GOOD to harness the tremendous healing power and attention fashion can bring to social impact. GLAM4GOOD is a fashion and beauty empowerment platform that creates and celebrates important stories that raise awareness. The GLAM4GOOD Foundation uses style to honor courage, empower self-esteem, and provide clothing, accessories and toiletries to people in need.

Our audience cite the app as a way to inspire their style- what are some ways that you stay up on trends and develop your own personal style?

I love that your stylists are able to try out trends virtually and take fashion risks on the app which ultimately helps them to be more confident and make wiser choices when they’re shopping for themselves. One thing that style icons do is they give themselves permission to try things on and explore new styles and ways to dress. You don’t know if something will look good unless you try it on.  

Fashion is not about rules. True style is about tuning into your creativity, self expression, and courage to dress in a way that celebrates your individuality and brilliance!  Wear things that empower, inspire and make you feel great and try wearing them in new ways every day! The more you are comfortable with taking chances and embracing trends through Covet Fashion the more you will feel confident to do that in real life too!

We are SO excited about this partnership! In your eyes, what about the Covet Fashion app and community made it a good fit for the collaboration with GLAM4GOOD?

Fashion can be a powerful tool to raise awareness, affect change, empower self-esteem, ignite joy and help people in need. The passion that the Covet community has for all things stylish coupled with the fact they can now actually use the very thing they love and are inspired by, style, to truly make a difference in people’s lives makes for the perfect partnership! We are excited to have the support of such an incredible community of stylish, creative and compassionate fashion lovers to GLAM4GOOD by our side! Thank you Covet!

How do you hope to inspire the Covet Fashion community?

Through GLAM4GOOD, my team and I have used fashion and beauty to pamper and empower women who have lost children from gun violence, lost limbs at war, lost breasts from cancer, lost their homes from a natural disaster or lost their way because of substance or domestic abuse. What I have come to understand is somewhere deep down, no matter what horrific thing these people have gone through, ultimately they survive because they never lose their ability to hope and desire to feel better and thrive. Fashion is a big part of that and has a tremendous healing power. When you feel good about how you look, and have a wardrobe that helps you look your best, it can be a form of armor. When someone feels good about themself it bolsters their self-esteem, courage and happiness and those things often help them deal with many other challenging things in their lives. That is what GLAM4GOOD does, it uses style to shine the spirit and help those in need. I want the Covet Fashion community to understand the healing power that fashion has and the powerful way it can be used to raise awareness and know that by just playing and sharing the #Covet4Good initiative they are helping our foundation to do more good with fashion.

How do you hope the Covet Fashion community will inspire you?

I am so honored, excited and grateful to have the incredible Covet Fashion community #GLAM4GOOD! By supporting and engaging in this initiative, the users are literally helping support and raise awareness for the GLAM4GOOD Foundation and our mission to use style to make a social impact.  Anyone who shares the #Covet4Good hashtag is helping us make a difference in people’s lives with fashion. I love pretty things, but believe that pretty is what pretty does, so when you attach the pretty to purpose it is so much more powerful. The ultimate form of style is improving the lives of others and that is something the Covet community can now truly do.

And lastly, what is your best piece of style advice to our Coveters?

Always strive to be the best you can be. Remember the importance of surrounding yourself with people and things that empower all your magnificence. Know that you have the ability to use your compassion to make a difference in this world. When you harness your passion, your magic, your spirit, and all that style to serve, miracles happen. And don’t forget to wear sequins in the sun, your heart on your sleeve, a smile, Spanx and a statement necklace!  

xoxo MA

There you have it Coveters! Want to get involved with the #Covet4Good initiative? Head to our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see how you can help us spread the positivity! If you know someone that is inspirational and deserving of a GLAM4GOOD makeover, click this link to show them some love by nominating them:

Happy Styling!