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Covet x Women Warriors Collab: Q&A with the Designers behind Stella Valle


Covet x Women Warriors Collab: Q&A with the Designers behind Stella Valle

Anna Keilo

We’ve partnered with Women Warriors by Stella Valle for our first ever design collaboration! The Covet x Women Warriors ‘Armed With Inspiration’ Bangle is an exclusive bracelet that adds a chic, classic touch to any arm party! Stack it up with other Women Warriors bracelets to tell your own aspirational story, or wear it as is - you can’t go wrong! It’s even inscribed with a special Covet quote along the side: “Dream Big. Embrace Challenges. Covet Often.” We hope this will serve as a little reminder to incorporate the sense of confidence and creativity you feel when playing Covet Fashion into your everyday lives!

To give our Coveters a look into the collab and what the Women Warriors line is all about, we reached out to designers of Stella Valle, Ashley and Paige. Check out the interview below!


Q: What inspired the Women Warriors Collection?

A: After we appeared on the show Shark Tank, and partnered with Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner, we had a team strategy session about Stella Valle and its future.  We agreed that the world really needed a line of affordable jewelry that inspired and empowered women. Mark and Lori felt that our journey from the military to fashion would be inspirational to women, so we wanted to share our story with women and encourage them to follow their own dreams. Once we had this concept in mind, we designed a core group of items that was military inspired with empowering words and phrases. We decided to use materials from the military, such as parachute cord in the designs. Parachute cord is very strong and durable and symbolizes the spirit of the line. We’ve since designed the Armed with Inspiration collection – a collection of stackable, personalized bracelets that have a symbol, birthstone, or letter on the opening of the bracelet.  We love that these bracelets allow women to share their own inspirational story.

Q: What made you decide to collaborate with Covet Fashion for a bracelet in this collection?

A: We’ve always been a huge fan of Covet and their innovative styling app! Stella Valle partnered with Covet from their very first days and we’ve grown together. The spirit of Women Warriors is very much in line with Covet’s mission to inspire and empower women to be their courageous and authentic selves through fashion. We are pleased to showcase that through our exclusive bracelet. We hope Coveters and Women Warriors alike will wear this special collaboration piece as a reminder to incorporate the sense of confidence and creativity they feel when playing Covet Fashion into their everyday lives.

Q: How do you hope this bracelet will inspire our Coveters?

A: We hope that the bracelet will be a subtle reminder to “Dream big. Embrace challenges. Covet Often.” These seem like such simple words, but they really mean a lot.  We strongly believe that dreaming big is so important to being successful. However, dreaming big isn’t enough. We also know that as you take on any important and meaningful journey, there are challenges (we’ve had so many of our own, it’s hard to name them all).  We try to remember that you learn and grow from these challenges.  Those that are successful are the ones who can overcome challenges and endure. Along difficult journeys you also need to remember to do fun things that you enjoy- Covet is one of those things for many, many women! It’s fun, it’s creative, and it’s inspiring!

Q: What's your best piece of advice to fellow women warriors out there?

A: Nothing good comes easy! Women Warriors know this and pursue their dreams regardless. They are women who don’t just take the path less traveled, but forge it. They apply themselves, inspire others, and turn problems into possibilities and adversity into opportunity. They say yes, and refuse to take no for an answer. They raise eyebrows, set the styles, and change the system. They are fierce and fearless. Are you a Woman Warrior?

Q: This collection is so inspiring! But it's also stylish and chic - how do you personally style the pieces from this collection?

A: We literally wear Women Warriors by Stella Valle pieces every day. We designed Women Warriors to be casual and classic, but also modern and on-trend, so you can can style it in so many ways and it appeals to all women. We wear our Armed with Inspiration Bracelets (the Covet X Women Warriors Bracelet is in this collection) stacked with our personalized inspirational stories. For instance, I wear my kids initials, and birthstones, and a Heart Bracelet (because I DO WHAT I LOVE. LOVE WHAT I DO.) together every single day!

We also love to layer the Corps Collection pieces. We are huge fans of the AUTHENTIC Front Back Earrings, and the EMPOWERED WOMEN EMPOWER WOMEN NECKLACE.   


Channel your inner woman warrior and create your own personal arm party at Shop the exclusive Covet Fashion x Women Warriors bracelet, and get 20% off any additional Stella Valle jewelry you buy. PLUS receive 100 diamonds for every $1 you spend! Remember to use code COVETxWW at checkout, and email your receipt and username to

Don’t forget to head to YouTube for a video from Ashley and Paige, where they fill us in on the story behind Women Warriors, and share their thoughts on their first ever Covet-inspired bracelet collaboration.


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