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Meet our Coveters: Chucklene


Meet our Coveters: Chucklene


 Charlene and her grandbaby, Preslie

Charlene and her grandbaby, Preslie

An outsider may assume Covet Fashion is just another mobile game, but the stories that were submitted for International Women's Day are proof that it is so much more. The way Covet provides an escape from every day life, a platform to express creativity and an opportunity to connect to other women who share your passion, especially during hard times, were resounding themes from the thousands of Coveters we heard from. 

We were touched by many stories about overcoming hardships, but what stood out about Coveter "Chucklene's" story (aside from her granddaughter, who is beyond adorable) was how the simple notion of having a place to escape to and connect with others can get you through even the toughest times. Read on to hear more about what she's had overcome, and how Covet provides both needed distraction and unexpected support. 

Covet UsernameChucklene

Where are you from: Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada

How long you've both been playing Covet: Around 4 years

Your favorite thing about Covet: My favorite thing about Covet is the interaction with others and seeing all the amazing fashion ideas.

What is your go-to hair and makeup in Covet? My go-to hair is "Upswept", and my go-to makeup is "Navy Lashes".

What advice would you give to new Covet players? I think the advice I would give to new players is to hang in there, as it can be frustrating at first until you get the hang of it. You eventually get into your own groove. If you can get into a Fashion House it helps so much. The good houses like I have are what I like to call my Covet Family. Also, never second guess your style and if you have any questions you want answered the team at Covet are amazing to work with.

Her story: 

I stumbled onto Covet by complete accident, but after playing it for a week I was hooked. I am a mother of three and a grandmother of four, which proves that this game is not just for the young. It took me nearly four years to achieve a Top Look, and I will never forget what an amazing feeling it was to finally get there. I'm proud that I never gave up and have achieved four or five since then.

Last year was a terrible year, when my 2-year-old grandbaby, Preslie, had a massive stroke. I cannot stress enough how this game helped me escape for a little bit when I really needed to. It always helped me get my mind off of things if only for a short time. I didn't share my story of Preslie with my House until recently, but when I did the ladies were amazing, so much love and support. They offered prayers and just knowing that if I was having a tough go of it I could go online and get some moral support was an amazing feeling. I have been in a couple houses that I never felt like I fit into, but the one I'm in now is like family


Covet is like an old friend. I know it sounds silly that a game can fill a void but it does. I don't know how to explain it, but having others around the world actually like an outfit you put together, or voting for your outfit, just really makes you feel good. 

So I would like to very much thank Covet Fashion for being there through all my ups and downs and thank you for always be a constant in my life.

Thank you, Chucklene for sharing your story and continuing to be a loyal Coveter!