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Meet our Coveters: CandyLover89

Meet our Coveters: Candylover89

 Image Credit: CandyLover89

Image Credit: CandyLover89

Covet inspires real-life beauty for candylover89

We knew the Covet community was full of creative women, but we were blown away when we discovered three-year Covet veteran Angelica, aka "Candylover89" has created an entire community of her own through her incredible makeup tutorials, wig shows and online store. After learning that she finds inspiration from our in-game hair and makeup looks, we were practically begging her to teach us a few things. Join us for an exclusive live Facebook stream of Angelica recreating two of her favorite in-game makeups at 3pm PST on Thursday, March 15th, 2018 to chat with her live and hear about what she loves about Covet. Learn more about Candylover89, aka Angelica in our exclusive Q&A below!

Covet Username: Candylover89

Occupation: Entrepreneur / Beauty Influencer

Where are you from: Moreno Valley, Ca

How long you've been playing Covet: Since Fall 2015

Your favorite thing about Covet: Being an entrepreneur can be very stressful so I love to take a little time in my day to relax and play dress up on Covet. 

How has Covet impacted you in real life? I get a lot of inspiration from Covet looks that I like to implement in my makeup looks and tutorials. The game is just a great escape from the stresses we have in real life and it’s just so much fun to play

What is your go-to hair and makeup in Covet? My favorite hairstyle at this time is the Mermaid Braids and my go to makeup is Smouldering Eyes 

What advice would you give to new or lower level players? My advice would be to have fun with the game, join Fashion Houses and definitely try to participate in Runway Rallies, they will help you level up a lot faster. 

Her story: When I was 18 years old I decided to open up my own clothing store. I was told by so many people that I was too young, or I couldn't do it, that I would "fail” etc, but I never let that stop me. After launching a successful retail space, I noticed how well my online sales were doing and decided to close the physical store to focus more on digital. After closing my store I started getting really into makeup and began posting tutorials on social media (Facebook/Instagram) @CANDYLOVER89. I never would have thought people would actually enjoy watching me. I am now considered a beauty influencer, which means I get to work with amazing makeup brands on top of still running my business which now focuses more on wigs. It’s crazy how in so little time I’ve been able to accomplish so much. My advice to other business owners is don’t limit yourself there is always room for improvement and growth, but you have to believe in yourself and in your work.