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February 16, 2024

Spring is here!

Bask in the beauty of a Sunwashed Spring!

No matter what you love most about styling in spring, whether that’s flaunting floral accents, brightening your wardrobe’s color palette, or just working with fewer layers, we want this sunlit season to shine a light on how you best express yourself through fashion.

In addition to a season’s worth of stunning new Covet Collection pieces and Collabs with some of our favorite brands, we have three dazzling new brands debuting throughout Spring 2024. First, leveraging their 33 years in high-end fashion, Madison Maison will bring us new shoes, bags, belts, and other attire made by top Italian artisans. Then, with elegant designs meant for many different moods and occasions, Adroit Jewelry will show us how to take a ‘less is more’ approach that doesn’t compromise quality. Later in the season, Lunaversoul’s handmade jewelry will help weave eclecticism, soulfulness, and your unique style into an inspired, empowering tapestry.

And don’t forget, alongside this season’s launch comes a new batch of seasonal props! Starting today, have fun styling with bright bouquets of spring flowers, balloons and other Valentine’s decor, delightfully bright wings, and more, in addition to all the fun new Mystery Props coming in the months ahead! Check out the Prop Tab to see them all.

But before you begin styling these sun-drenched ensembles, be sure to browse our Spring 2024 Fashion Packs to line your closet with as much luminous newness as possible! The Essentials Pack has must-haves that will let you light up the virtual runway all season long, the Premium Pack’s showstoppers will shine an even brighter light on your chic taste, and our Posh Pack will let your looks reach their full, radiant potential.

Lastly, remember to reach the end of the Sprint to Spring to earn the Stained Glass Prop Pack while you still can! To add it to your collection, enter every Dual Season Challenge, in which both Winter 2023 and Spring 2024 items count toward your seasonal bonus. PLUS, have fun entering February 14’s three bonus Style Challenges to celebrate the new season!