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March 10, 2024

Style Regal Looks for our latest series!

Become a part of the queen’s esteemed circle as you immerse yourself in her regal affairs with Syle Challenges released daily from March 12 to 18. Syle each visitor to reflect their unique story and relationship with the queen and win the Jester 2 hair accessory and the Fabulous Queens Prop Pack for your royal efforts.

Our TWO exclusive Fashion Packs provide the perfect pieces to ensure your subjects are dressed to impress, capturing the essence of courtly grace and intrigue. Make each style a masterpiece and claim your place among the legends of the court. Look out for the first Fashion Pack, which will help you style for the first three series Challenges, and stay tuned for a second Fashion Pack drop on March 15 to help you perfect your looks for the final Challenges in the series!